Dear Parents

Surf Walk 2022

Please note that learners will be taken to the Venue by bus.

We will try our utmost to be back by normal dismissal time.

Please ensure that your child has a sun hat, sun screen and plastic water bottle.

As part of our Safety Plan we will also have a Ambulance with two paramedics on sight.

Please note that any child that disobeys any instructions of the teachers, Educator Assistants, Lifeguards and/or the Walking Bus Ladies will be brought back to school immediately.

If you are going to the venue yourself please inform the class teacher especially if your child will be travelling home with you. Please do not take any other learner home with you (even if its a neighbours child or family member) as we will be doing role call before entering the busses upon our return.

Yours Sincerely

M D Blaauw