Grade 7


  • The content made available here is at the discretion of the teacher.
  • The teacher will decide if the content is downloadable or not.
  • Non-downloadable content means that the learner has to actively sit down and write the work in their writing books if he/she was unable to write down the notes in class.
  • The non-downloadable status of work is non-negotiable.
  • The diagrams and certain images do not need to be redrawn. Some images are to demonstrate the meaning of the concept. However, it is highly beneficial to attempt and copy the drawing over, as this helps with memory.

Quarterly Assessment Schedule

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Term 1


Term 1


Term 1




  • To Be Communicated by teachers


Term 1

  • Trade across the Sahara Desert (Image)
  • Camel Caravans asĀ  a means of transport (PDF)

Term 3

  • San hunter-gatherers (JPEG)
  • KhoiKhoi herders (JPEG)

Natural Science

Term 1


    Term 1

    Life Orientation

    Term 1

    Economic Management Sciences

    Term 1