Dear Grade 6 parents

For Grade 6 English Home Language, continuous assessments will be done online. These are simple quizzes, of work that was either done in class or are more or less the same as the work that has been done in class. Please make sure that your child who is in grade 6 at our school completes the quiz. The marks of these quizzes may influence the term’s report mark.

If you are using the app, tap on the grade 6 button, and then the first tab, English. If you are using the website, go to Online learning, For Learners, Grade 6, and then the English tab.

The quizzes will remain online until the end of that week it was uploaded.

PS. Please ensure complete honesty by having the learner, your child, that belongs to that grade, class, and our school answers the assessment quiz that was made for him/her. And that not family members or friends do it for them.

It is only through you, the parent, that shapes what kind of future your child will practice, and who they will become.

All the best