South African Schools Act No.84 of 1996 – Chapter 2:

  • (2) A code of conduct referred to in subsection (1) must be aimed at establishing a disciplined and purposeful school environment, dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of the quality of the learning process.
  • (4) Nothing contained in this Act exempts a learner from the obligation to comply with the code of conduct of the school attended by such learner.



This policy is aimed at:

  • promoting ownership of the school in the school community
  • providing clarity on the procedure to be followed in cases where vandalism occurs at the school




Vandalism in the context of educational buildings of the Education Department can be described as the intentional, senseless and illegal damaging of government property.  This includes theft and burglary at and the intentional destruction of property owned or rented by the government.




  • Report the damage immediately to the local branch of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and obtain a criminal case number.
  • Provide support to the police in their investigation and supply all possible information – also with the identification of possible suspects.
  • If learners are involved, first inform the parent(s) or guardian(s), OR take them to their parents’ home, OR in the case of the parent(s) not being available, request the local social worker to act on their behalf.  If it has been determined that learners were involved, the school governing body (SGB) can consider handling the case according to the stipulations of the school’s code of conduct for learners.




The school governing body should ensure that the following happens:

  • training and support of the cleaning staff and caretakers in order for them to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain the school buildings effectively
  • repairing minor damage from the norms and standards allocation, for instance replacement of  window catches, outer doors, broken windows, door handles and damaged toilets
  • regularly fixing the school’s fences
  • installation of barred gates, burglar bars, barbed wire, etc. at the high risk areas of the school buildings
  • using cost-effective security lighting
  • reporting vagrants on the school grounds to the SAPS
  • updating sufficient records of all maintenance projects with an indication of whether it is as a result of vandalism or normal wear and tear
  • following the correct protocol, i.e. reporting of cases of vandalism to the SAPS and after that to the EMDC.