future projects for the school and community

Sports field

The school recently obtained the vacant land next to the indoor sports centre. It is the schools wish to fence it and lay astroturf and develop a mini golf course for inspiring golfers. This area will not only be used for the PT sessions of the learners, but to serve the community as well.

School Hall

The school envisions a day when our learners can stand in a school hall and sing the school anthem and shout the school moto at the top of there lungs. And where the community can benifit from a structured hall. We would like the future now. It is our vision to see this building be built sooner than later, for our learners and community.

School Library

Literature is at the core of whatever we do. Hazeldene identifies this and has tried to commit to naturing that aspect of life. Our current school library is too small to house more and better books and to accomodate learners, seeking to btter themselves and their knowledge. It is our vission to establish a bigger and better school library.