Dear Parent / Guardian

Saint Luke’s Hospice
Our school has been supporting this hospice for decades. They are in urgent need of clothing,
bedding, kitchen utensils, etc. Please send any donation you might have in a sealed plastic bag. We
will send the hospice collection bin around to classes.

Handing out of Reports
During the last week of the term Group 1 learners must come to school on Monday 19 October and
Tuesday 20 October. Reports will be handed out to Group 1 learners on Tuesday 20 October!
Group 2 learners must come to school on Wednesday 21 October and Thursday 22 October.
Reports will be handed out to Group 2 learners on Thursday 22 October.
School will dismiss at 11 am on Friday 23 October 2020 (Group 1)

Visiting Rules
Please note that we are strictly implementing the Covid 19 safety protocols and have done so
successfully thus far by not having any cases.
Parents are therefore still restricted from coming onto the school grounds. Only parents coming to
register new learners will be allowed to come to the foyer counter one at a time after having been
screened and sanitized by the security. No further movement onto the school premises will be

New Parents will be shown their children’s class rooms during the Grade R and 1 orientation day
which will be on a Saturday.
Yours Sincerely

M D Blaauw

Quote of the week: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity
in every difficulty” – Winston Churchill

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