Dear parents

Below is an image showing the period the grade 6 teachers would like to do their assessments for each of the respective groups.

Please pay attention to the date and group! If your child is in Group 1, he/she will do their assessment during that week they are at school. The same goes for the 2nd Group. Learners that comes to school in group 2 will do their assessments during that week they come to school. The dates has been highlighted. Each group has their own dates that they will come to school.

Information about the assessments will be given to the learners or will be posted via this newsletter.

Also, The school calendar has the dates we have important events. If you want to synchronize the school’s Google calendar with your calendar, click on this link: Hazeldene Google School Calendar

Group 1 Assessment period: 21 Sept 2020 – 25 Sept 2020

Group 2 Assessment period: 28 Sept 2020 – 02 Oct 2020

All the best